JBL VTX A-Series at Star Struck 2024

MadisonAV had the opportunity to showcase the impressive JBL VTX A Series system at this year's Star Struck 2024 school production held at the NEC, thanks to our collaboration with Chris Neal and Eclipse Light and Sound.

We provided a full FOH rig and side delays with our A8 and A6 Demo system, and the results were phenomenal! 

Here's the gear we used for the performance:

  • 20 x A8 boxes FOH
  • 8 x B18 boxes Sub
  • 8 x A6 Boxes Side Wing Delays
  • 3 x VRACKS
  • 6 x Crown I-Tech 4 x 3500HD Amplifiers
  • 3 x Crown I-Tech 12000HD Amplifiers

Allan Doyle, Systems Engineer for Eclipse, said, "The A8 was great especially in the top end, very clear and well defined, lows were good and punchy.

"After hearing the A12 at another event in Canberra, I would choose it over the A8. The surprise for me was the A6, with so much poke for such a small box. 

"Everyone I spoke to about the PA thought it sounded great. We’re all looking forward to using it again. 

"The rigging is exceptional, so intuitive, simple and fast. The system was really easy to rig, pack up and wheel around with the system transport design.

"Whilst on site, we were able to adjust any system design changes with ease on-site using Venue Synthesis. Hardley any system design tweaks were needed to improve the sound. It’s a great all-round system."

Learn more about JBL VTX A-Series line array speakers or for sales enquiries, contact Peter Kubow

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