Philips Professional Displays

Philips Professional Displays

Philips was first introduced to the public in 1938. Since then they have consistently been at the forefront of the audio-visual industry, taking innovative ideas into reality. Philips has pioneered functional technologies such as Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) , HD Base T, One Wire and the world’s first full range of Android-enabled displays, all designed to give you the utmost in flexibility, and operability whilst remaining extremely affordable.

Why Choose Philips for your professional display solutions?

Affordable: Philips is a cost effective solution which comes with their free CMND Display Management Platform to put you in control of all your Philips displays. With CMND, you can manage your full suite of displays from a central location. Learn more here

Android OS: Philips uses the standard, open source Android OS, making it highly compatible with multiple digital signage apps. Many competitors use closed ecosystems, limiting their signage app compatibility.

3-Year On Site Warranty in Australia: Full service warranty that covers technicians coming onto site to remove or unmount the screen before servicing. There are 1500+ authorised service agents across Australia. Regional hubs are covered too.

Power and versatility is only the beginning

Every innovation from Philips Professional Display Solutions is designed for maximum impact. Over 40 years of one on one industry experience with small business and global enterprises has resulted in breakthrough technology development ranging from ultraclear high brightness smart signage to ultra-narrow bezel LCD wall displays.

Solutions for every industry

Exceed your industry-benchmark with tailored solutions designed to boost your full potential. Each Professional TV and Digital Displayproduct is designed to unlock more possibilities through the latest innovations.

Infinite possibilities for better business

Engage, inform and create with ease. When you choose a Philips professional display powered by Android, you’ll have access to millions of apps for your signage and display needs.

  • Experience more ways to connect your custom software for a truly unique experience.
  • Create more ways to enjoy time in front of your screens.
  • Make a positive impression as a tech-forward company with tailored experiences.
  • Enjoy better connectivity with your existing systems without additional costs.
  • Open-source design allows you to create custom apps for any purpose.
  • Secure Google updates keep your Android apps optimised and protected.   

Take command of your content

Optimise your on-screen content with the Philips exclusive CMND platform.

Philips professional displays that feature CMND put you in total control with powerful content creation, advanced system connectivity and pro-grade deployment through an easy to use interface.


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