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BSS Audio is world renowned for outstanding audio quality, DSP and logic control that satisfies the real demands of AV professionals and high-profile installations.

Products from BSS Audio are used on major installations in universities on multi-site campuses, sports arenas, churches, casinos, gyms and nightclubs all over the world.



The uncompromising reliability achieved through superb design and meticulous quality assurance is why more artists regularly choose BSS Audio systems. From the industry leading 806 DA to the small compact BLU 50, BSS audio offers the very best in signal processing.


With core components from BSS Audio and Crown, the heritage of HiQnet Audio Architect™ lies in the greatest combination of processor and amplifier in the world. With the strength of these brands as the system backbone, it is arguably the highest performing system and most flexible system available today.

With the entire system configurable in one single, incredibly streamlined software application on the HARMAN HiQnet network, it delivers an end-user focused solution, designed to work together – regardless of who that end-user might be.


One of the fundamental building blocks of the Audio Architect system is the power and flexibility of the distributed DSP network backbone of BSS Audio’s Soundweb™ family. Launching a Soundweb device from the main workspace transforms the entire interface into an open-architecture design world. The familiar processing objects can be added to individual devices, and the signal path created with virtual wires.

Considerable care has been taken in implementing Soundweb configuration and control. The transition from HiQnet London Architect™M software has been made as simple as possible, while incorporating the new open-architecture
paradigm into the Audio Architect workflow and system design.

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