The best sound systems depend on advanced digital signal processing to really make them shine, and dbx delivers.

In 1971, Mr. Blackmer founded dbx® which has collectively produced over 35 patents that continue to forge and reshape the landscape in the Live Sound, Studio Recording, and Installed Sound professional audio markets today.

One of the most well-respected dynamics processing companies in the industry, dbx offers complete equalization and speaker management systems, powered speaker optimizers, direct boxes, zone controllers, equalizers and more.

MadisonAV distributes the range of dbx zone processors and controllers in Australia.


Digital Zone Processors 

The ZonePRO® products have long been the obvious choice for managing commercial audio applications. They’re easy to install and use – thanks to step-by-step setup wizards – and they’re backed by long track record of dbx reliability. The fact that so many are in use in locations worldwide speaks to their popularity and dependable performance.

The Zone Controllers offer extended utility to the SC, DriveRack®; and ZonePRO families. The nine Zone Controllers provide logic control ranging from zone source selection, volume and muting, to program or scene selection and fire safety interface

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