JBL Professional

JBL Professional

Professional Installed Sound – A Journey of Engineering Excellence

When it comes to the listening experience, JBL never ceases to push the boundaries. From its inception 75 years ago, the brand has grown to become synonymous with epic sound,  revolutionising the way we listen. And while the enjoyment is instinctive, the science behind each and every innovation is precise and methodical. Passionate and gifted engineers and designers around the world devote themselves to developing JBL products and solutions that take listening to the next level – and they’ve been doing it since day one.

Power and versatility is only the beginning

JBL professional solutions encompass recording studios, movie theatres, tour sound, installed sound, arenas and stadiums, and much more. At the heart of each of these solutions is a meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to develop everything from the ground up, and an absolute dedication to giving artists outstanding sound, whether they’re performing at a major music festival or busking on a street corner.
And the technologies that JBL develops for its professional audience benefit all of JBL’s listeners as they are distilled into smaller form factors, allowing people everywhere to enjoy professional quality sound at a convenient size and an affordable price.



The technology of transducers is truly the starting place for the entire JBL engineering legacy. Building on founder James B. Lansing’s historic foundation, JBL engineers continue to break ground on new and better ways to design transducers, reaching beyond what is commonly understood as possible and consistently setting new performance benchmarks for the pro audio industry.

Starting from scratch and often developing patents in the process, has resulted in technologies such as Differential Drive woofers, CMCD Cone Midrange drivers, and the D2 Dual Voice Coil Compression Driver, that cover the entire practical bandwidth of professional audio devices.Simultaneously addressing performance-robbing challenges such as power compression, heat dissipation, distortion, component weight, and physical footprint, JBL has created a range of transducers that are unparalleled in their ability to deliver extraordinary performance throughout a wide range of applications.


JBL engineers relentlessly test new shapes and develop new materials to achieve the desired performance, often inventing new testing methodologies to ensure that nothing is left out of a thorough and rigorous examination of the design. The resulting technology has produced such groundbreaking designs as the Progressive Transition Waveguide, Image Control Waveguide, Slip Stream Port, Radiation Boundary Integrator, and Constant Curvature Waveguide. With multiple patents, and many successful installations in use worldwide, this critical component of JBL technology continues to evolve through our continuous pursuit of better, more accurate sound.


All audio products have a useful life, and JBL engineers are committed to making that as long as possible, not only in terms of reliability, but also in terms of how good the sound is the very first time a system is turned on. Every JBL Professional product undergoes stringent testing above and beyond what the product would face when deployed in the real world.

CASE STUDY: Cali Beach Rooftop Beach Club

JBL Versatility Powers the Party at Cali Beach

Cali Beach, a $10m Ibiza-style rooftop beach club, has opened in the heart of Surfers Paradise. It is a new style of development for the coast that is set to become a party and entertainment hub unlike any other.

This first-of-its-kind open-air beach club benefits from the JBL Pro wide range of weatherised loudspeakers with high levels of pattern control.

There are around 80 loudspeakers in the Cali Beach project, many operating in nearfield mode to restrict spill outside the venue. The final lineup demonstrates the versatility of the CBT and AWC range:

  • Outdoor Cinema: left and right arrays of JBL CBT70J-1 + 70JE-1 along with four AWC15LF low frequency drivers below the screen
  • Main DJ Area: CBT70J-1 + 70JE-1’s with a narrow pattern as the main left and right PA, along with four AWC15LF mounted on a circular truss providing bass support, and an additional pair of AWC82 as rear fill
  • Cabanas: a pair of AWC62 able to select local, TV or sitewide DJ sources
  • Bars & Booths: stereo pairs of JBL AWC82 all-weather full-range enclosures
  • Pool Area: stereo pair of JBL-CBT-1000 along with AWC-82s as fill
  • Crown CDI-BLU link Amplifiers plus a BSS BLU-DA Dante Bridge
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