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The VTX A-Series is JBL’s next-generation tour sound solution for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. The series was designed from scratch to address not only audio performance, but the full scope of challenges faced by tour sound professionals, rental companies, FOH engineers and live production crews.

  • Want unparalleled performance, sensitivity and coverage? JBL’s proprietary transducer technology and high-frequency waveguides deliver.
  • Want streamlined deployment and setup? A patented JBL rigging mechanism and redesigned suspension system make it happen.
  • Want reduced weight and optimised transportability? Refinements to the physical design ensure just that. A full range of rigging and transportation accessories round out system offerings.

The VTX A-Series: With advanced acoustics, common rigging systems and full software integration, it’s never been easier to deliver extraordinary sound at any scale.


With VTX A-Series systems, every seat in the house is a sweet spot: The A12 and A12W exhibit 90-degree and 120-degree dispersion patterns respectively down to 250 Hz, while the A8 exhibits a 110-degree dispersion pattern down to 300 Hz, and the A6 offers 110-degree dispersion down to 500 Hz.

VTX A-Series speakers adhere tightly to their dispersion patterns, which keeps the sound where you want it: off the stage and in the audience.

All four models feature the same HF compression driver, waveguide technology and other components, ensuring uniform, consistent voicing and coverage and providing the flexibility to design systems that match the needs of any listening environment.

Industry Feedback on JBL VTX A-Series at Festivals Across Australia

Demonstration Systems Available

MadisonAV has invested in a substantial pool of JBL VTX A-Series line array elements, sub-woofers, monitors and accessories to support our customers.

Whether it’s for demonstrations prior to purchase, or to supplement your own stock when you have bigger events than your inventory can manage, we’re here to work with you. Contact us today to get started. 

Our demonstration stock includes:
  • A12 system including a variety of stacking and rigging accessories
  • A8 compact system including a variety of stacking and rigging accessories
  • A6 sub-compact system including a variety of stacking and rigging accessories
  • G28, B28, B18 and B15 subwoofers
  • Crown V-rack amplifiers
  • M22 and M20 monitors
Complete range of cabling and accessories for suspension, stacking and transportation of product.

System Design, Training & Support

MadisonAV is proud to deliver an exceptional level of support to our partners.

From production and event companies to rental houses and front of house engineers, we understand that your confidence in any PA is underpinned by a strong level of confidence in the design and deployment of the system.

System Design Assistance

Our team of audio specialists provide electro-acoustic modelling and simulation assistance using state-of-the-art tools like JBL’s Venue Synthesis 3D Acoustic Simulation Software and Performance Manager to craft precise solutions, providing optimal sound quality and coverage that is tailored to specific environments.

This advanced modelling accurately predicts speaker behaviour and performance characteristics, allowing for precise tuning and calibration to achieve the desired sound quality - so your team can roll in to an event, then stack or rig the system, and use it with minimal adjustments to tunings.
Comprehensive Training

Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident through the comprehensive training available to support your purchase of JBL VTX A-Series. We ensure you are fully trained in all aspects of its use, so you can use the system to its full capacity:
  • System design and optimisation 
  • The software eco-system – JBL Venue Synthesis and JBL Performance Manager 
  • Rigging and stacking training for efficient deployment 
  • Configuration and verification 
  • Networking 
  • Crown iTech Amplifiers

Ongoing Support

We take pride in the high standard of after sales support we provide. Whether it’s product or system guidance, software support or ongoing design advice, our team is ready to assist. Our inventory of demonstration stock is available to support customers when required, and our national repair centre also supports our customers with after sales warranty and servicing support.

Fast and Efficient Finance Available

MadisonAV has partnered with Finlease, to support you with fast approvals on seamless and simple finance. Get the equipment you need to grow your business without the stress of dealing with the banks, and enjoy the undivided attention of a specialist broker who gives you access to the best financial offers in the market. 

Ready to unlock the next phase of your growth? Email to discuss the perfect audio and finance solution for your business.

A Name You Can Bank On

When you’re ready to elevate your operations, you need a partner who truly gets it. Finlease offers more than just finance; they offer a trusted partnership forged through years of industry expertise.
  • 35 years in business. 
  • 1500 reviews across Product Review and Google. 
  • Access to over 30 lenders.
  • We finance $1b annually.

Your Business, Your Finance

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VTX A-Series Products

For VTX A-Series, next-generation transducers were engineered from the ground up by JBL for linear performance, high output and consistent coverage.

Together, their custom-designed low-, mid-, and high-frequency sections deliver the highest output per weight in their class, with improved low-frequency extension and controlled directivity that ranges from 90–120 degrees to match the application of each loudspeaker.

Physical design refinements integrate more drivers into smaller, lighter cabinets for reduced overall system weight and truck-friendly dimensions.

A revolutionary auto-locking rigging and suspension system speeds deployment time. It all adds up to big-system-JBL sound in our most convenient and comprehensive offering to date. 


Sub-compact Dual 6.5-Inch Line Array Element


Dual 8-inch Compact Line Array Loudspeaker with 110º Dispersion


Sub-compact Dual 6.5-Inch Line Array Element


Dual 8-inch Compact Line Array Loudspeaker with 110º Dispersion


A broad range of accessories provide unprecedented flexibility in the transportation, mounting, integration and installation.
From lightweight array frames and array frame extension bars to ceiling mounts, suspension bars, delta plates, transporter carts and covers and transporter ground stacks, VTX A-Series has you covered.
Both carts and array frames were purposefully engineered to meet both U.S. and European truck pack dimensions to streamline transport.

JBL VTX Series Tour Audio 2024


JBL VTX A-Series in Australia

MadisonAV has been taking the JBL VTX A-Series out across Australia, with recent deployments at a number of major festivals and events. These events delivered unforgettable performances from a huge lineup of artists – matched with a fantastic sonic experience thanks to the VTX A-Series.

Hoodoo Gurus and the Canberra Symphony Orchestra at Enlighten Canberra

The Hoodoo Gurus, renowned for their groundbreaking Aussie rock, took the stage alongside the 40-piece Canberra Symphony Orchestra. The crystal-clear sound of the JBL VTX A12 PA system enveloped the crowd across every corner of the park.

Chris Neal from Eclipse Lighting and Audio says “I had lots of gain before feedback with the orchestra. The rear rejection was really good. It sounded nice as soon as we turned it on, and we didn’t have to do a whole lot to it to get it sitting nicely.” 

Read the full article on our website.
Rolling Sets Festival and Let the Good Times Roll Festival

Two of the most anticipated Central Coast festivals of the year were held back-to-back over the two days, with a JBL VTX A8 system being featured on the Jim Beam Stage and Ocean Stage with A6 fills and G28 sub-woofers.

Ryan Hazell from Roll In Production Services said “The VTX system surpassed all my expectations, I was expecting it to be good but not “that” good. We were able to compare it pretty much side by side next to the big German manufacturer’s latest system on the main Rolling Sets stage. The VTX A Series more than held its own and covered the space beautifully with a perfect deployment."

Read the full article on our website.

St Kilda Festival

With over 300,000 people gathering each year, St Kilda Festival is Australia’s largest free and all ages music festival. Australia’s hottest new talents were heard through the JBL VTX A Series as part of the New Music Competition, thanks to the team at Light and Sound Solutions.

Andrew Stanley, Managing Director of Light & Sound Solutions commented “The PA did a great job of creating a nice rich sound across the listening area. The size and weight are good, and I think A Series will fit into the market nicely. The rigging capability is great. It’s all integrated, which makes it so much easier. We were ground stacked at the New Music stage, but whether it’s hanging or ground stacked, you’re using the same pins.” 

Read the full article on our website. 

BIGSOUND is the southern hemisphere’s biggest music industry gathering, and Australia’s longest-running and most influential music market, featuring a trove of heavy hitting speakers and industry leaders, cutting edge workshops, talent showcases, networking opportunities and a music festival. Three venues utilised the JBL VTX A-Series at this event, with the smallest venue Blute’s featuring the sub-compact A6 system, The Soundgarden featuring the compact A8 system, and large brewery venue, Soapbox Beer, featuring the A12 system.

Eddie Gresack, BIGSOUND Production Manager said “The JBL A Series rolled out very well. I was really happy with the way the system sounded in Soapbox Brewery, and both Blute’s and The Sound Garden were both huge improvements over their house systems."

Read the full article on our website.

Or for sales enquiries, contact Peter Kubow

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