RM Solutions

R&M Solutions

Passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks.

R&M produces cabling solutions for high-end communication networks. With a high level of product quality and system design, the company ensures that networks are future-proof and secure for the long-term.

Only R&M cabling and connectivity provides true peace of mind with its Swiss Engineering, high quality and ultra-high performance and is the perfect complement to your HARMAN AMX deployment.

Ensuring that the Client only gets the best possible outcome, R&M conducts training sessions specific to AV Integrators to train, inform and educate, with relevant and up to date information to enable our Partners to offer a 25 Year System Warranty on their R&M installations.

Discover R&M

View the educational range of installation and company information videos to learn more about R&M and their products.

Become an R&M Certified AV Installer

The R&M Academy is a series of comprehensive programs for R&M partners, associates and customers, designed to provide professional support for pre- and post-sales activities as well as installation, testing and maintenance.


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