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Yealink offers a full portfolio of audio and video device solutions for Microsoft teams. It allows different professionals to work the way they love in meeting rooms, in-the-office, and on-the-go, as well as remotely.


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One-stop Teams voice and video solutions to reduce the costs of procurement and support services.

True Teams 'best of breed' with consistent Teams experience to drive user adoption.

Tenant admins can manage the devices via Yealink Device Management Platform.

Professional support and post-sales services for worldwide customers.

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Yealink PTZ Camera Module with 6x Optical Zoom for Yealink MeetingBoard YL-MB-CAMERA-6X
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$1,505.90 (Each)
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Yealink Solutions for Microsoft Teams & Zoom Rooms

Premium AV solution design for the small to extra large Microsoft Teams Meeting Room

The Yealink MVC II series is a bundle video solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) that includes everything you need to interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly and intelligently, covering every scenario from small to extra-large spaces.

Best of breed all-in-one Meeting Bar for small and medium Meeting Rooms

MeetingBar A20 is designed for small rooms. It features a 20-megapixel sensor and 133° field of view, which ensure an ultra-clear and ultra-wide view even in small spaces. MeetingBar A30 dual-camera system is perfect for medium rooms. It features an optical camera with 10x optical zoom and an 8-megapixel digital camera with a 120° field of view, delivering a clear visual experience with depth, which is unable to be achieved with a single camera.

Any Platform you like - BYOD Solutions

Connect a laptop to a room system? With Yealink room system, users can enjoy a plug & play experience, as easy as that. Stay connected with Yealink room system, users can not only bring your own device to the meeting room but also enjoy the intelligent video & premium audio experience.

Empower your workforce with Yealink Personal Collaboration Solution

Flexible bundles with headset, webcam, and speakerphones to meet your diverse needs.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams, the Yealink broad range solutions comes with simplicity and flexibility

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Yealink MeetingBar A10 Announcement

The MeetingBar A10 by Yealink supports an extensive list of meeting room and collaboration requirements. The overall value package of the A10 MeetingBar is a strong proposition, as it features all the AI audio and video technologies such as speaker tracking and auto-framing, is compatible with both Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, whilst also able to be used in standalone device mode.
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