Bulk Cable Solutions for commercial and professional AV applications.

Designed and manufactured by the Madison Technologies Group, Roadworx has evolved to cater to our customers’ demands.
Affordable yet robust, the range includes a full suite of cable products for the AV Integrator, as well as a range of standard or custom cable assembly products, connectors & Adapters, and audio interface solutions.

With an extensive range of cables and connectors, we can support you with standard or custom cables and assemblies to suit the specific needs of your project.

We can design and supply custom AV bulk cable for any application, with typically only a 3,000m minimum order quantity. These can be supplied in your custom reel length and jacket colour, with jacket printing to your specification.

A range of standard length copper and optical fibre pre-assembled cables to suit most AV or IT applications are available ex stock.
Alternatively, we can work with you to design a custom cable assembly that meets your exact specifications – so your technicians can arrive on site and be able to concentrate on an efficient installation, rather than time consuming configuration and connector assembly.
Reliable cables, configured to your needs, tested and delivered to specification – so you can reduce your cabling workload. 

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