AMX Defining Secure AV

AMX by HARMAN is dedicated to providing world class engineering, top notch design, and delivering reliable, secure solutions

Historically the biggest challenge to securing AV equipment has been the lack of standardized security profiles and policies for AV equipment. AV systems were often isolated from the enterprise network. Now, trends like “AV everywhere” and centralized AV device management demand that the AV system maintain a security posture in alignment with customer security goals. Starting with a select list of AMX branded centralized control and video distribution products, HARMAN is leading the AV industry to provide secure AV.

Learn how the AMX by HARMAN security design methodology is raising the bar and changing the way the industry thinks about Secure AV.

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Did you know?

AMX has received formal certification and accreditation from ICT Security Branch and Head ICT Operations (HICTO), Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) of Australia’s Department of Defence for a HARMAN AMX Defence Audio Visual Environment System. 

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