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The Opportunity

Many educational facilities recognize the need for AV technology, but solutions in the market are either too expensive, too confusing, or just don't satisfy their needs. Control needs to be simple and effective, and the solution needs to be available at a price point that can be mass deployed. 

AMX Jetpack is designed with those facilities in mind. It is tailor made for classrooms and meeting spaces that need a cost-effective solution that provides audio and video switching, transport, and control.

In these spaces, educators require USB-C video inputs to use their laptops and mobile devices without easy-to-misplace adapters. 4K content and displays are becoming common even in cost-conscious installations. And support teams require campus-wide management that simplifies both initial configuration and long-term support.

The Solution

The AMX Jetpack kit is a perfect solution for these applications, operating as a multi-functional AV distribution system providing 4K video switching, control, video extension and amplification in a convenient kit.

The Jetpack kit contains a wall plate that includes both HDMI and USB-C video inputs as well as USB for connecting a laptop to a remote smart board. The receiver can be mounted behind a display and includes both an audio input for microphones or other audio sources and a 2x25W 4/8 Ohm amplifier to provide voice lift and ensure that every learner in the room can hear the instructor clearly. The receiver also includes a USB port to connect a smart board and CEC, RS-232, IR, and Relay options to control the display.

The instructor can control the solution via an intuitive keypad with volume knob or straightforward web interface.

The Management of the kit is provided by a free, easy-to-use software application to switch sources, power on rooms or schedule building shutdowns in any or all your rooms.

Complementary AMX Jetpack products

The AMX Jetpack kit can be added to existing audio systems, or you can add your own speakers, microphones, etc. for a  complete solution.

At MadisonAV, we offer world-leading, specialised AV products to industry professionals for projects of all sizes and scale. Check-out the range of complementary AMX Jetpack products below, or browse our full product range from the 'Products' tab. 

AMX Jetpack

AMX Jetpack is an incredibly affordable switching, transport, and control solution for K12 classrooms and small-to-medium meeting spaces that provides simple to operate room controls, multiple video inputs, and enables voice lift for clear communication with everyone in the space.

The JPK-1300 combines 4K60 4:2:0 HDMI and USB-C video switching and distance transport, room control, wallplate accessibility, and audio amplification in a kit that requires zero programming and provides the security and reliability that AMX is well known to provide.

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JBL Control 23-1

The Control 23-1 is a two-way 3" speaker with rich sonic character, wide coverage, consistent dispersion, versatile mounting, and a contemporary high-design look that fits into a wide range of decors. This makes Control 23-1 an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, including retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational facilities, hospitality, music cafes, leisure venues, and anywhere where a top quality compact indoor/outdoor foreground/background music (and/or paging) speaker is required. Available in black and white.

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AKG DMS300 professional digital wireless systems for performers and presenters combine signature AKG sound quality and eight channels of rock-solid, license-free 2.4GHz operation with advanced security features, extended battery life and the ultimate ease-of-use.

The DMS300 is available in two options: with a highquality, AKG handheld microphone or with a bodypack. The bodypack is instrument ready and can also be combined with a wide range of AKG headsets or clip-on mics (available separately) for singers or presenters.
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